New Update

2009-12-03 03:31:09 by Siborg

Alrighty so its time i made an update here, i have new stuf on the go, some xmas covers and 4 new song, a free remix EP will be released in the next few months. If anyone is interested in getting this free Ep PM and ill send the link. Hope you like the new noise ;)


Tracks are up!!!

2009-01-19 16:52:33 by Siborg

Since newgrounds is only letting me upload 2 tracks a day heres the low down. From today and until the end of the month im going to try and upload as much music as i can ( i got 7+ years worth). PLus some goodies, tell your friends, your girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/fish and most importantly tell you parents. Because Virtual Terrorist is here to rock your face off and stomp your head in :) Enjoy and leave feedback im handing out free cds to a randomly selected person so. And be fair and vote fair. :)

Virtual Terrorist Now Online @ NG

2009-01-15 16:21:48 by Siborg

Alright people listen up. Industrial recording artist Virtual Terrorist has made his way to your place of fun and relaxation to kick you asses back to the dark ages (with my +5 sword of n00b slaying). Songs will be uploaded with the next week or two, a free demo will also be given out to certain people who can honestly judge my work and give feedback on it. Demo's will be handed out on Feb 20th. The music is of the industrial/Experimental/Techno genre and can be noisey as hell. No for the weak of ears. Discretion is advised.