Entry #3

New Update

2009-12-03 03:31:09 by Siborg

Alrighty so its time i made an update here, i have new stuf on the go, some xmas covers and 4 new song, a free remix EP will be released in the next few months. If anyone is interested in getting this free Ep PM and ill send the link. Hope you like the new noise ;)



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2010-03-09 04:43:31

Once upon a time I asked if I could remix one of your tracks; I haven't forgot about you!

I've almost finished my album, so maybe we could trade remixes once its done...
I'll be in touch :)


2010-07-11 21:50:21

Also, I like the music.
Yes, I use it to play the oldschool Descent.


2010-09-03 18:48:37

love the music


2010-09-03 18:49:01

oh wait I already commented.