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Quantum Skys Quantum Skys

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have a softspot for this kind of music. Very well done, nice atmosphere!

Sike991 responds:

Thanks for the reveiw!

7 A.B Dr0p 7 A.B Dr0p

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not to bad

I'm personally not much of a house fan. You got some good sounds in here but as the other guy said there isn't much for progression. And adding more to build it up would be a good idea :) Also that track of mine you reviewed regarding the kick. Compared to this yea my kicks not coming through as well as yours. But you have to keep in mind i got like 30 layers going at once in that song hahah. Good job though dude keep it up.

Mans0n responds:

haha thanks
AND LMFAO 30 layers? if ya want i can send you kick samples, i download so many packs of em! there very good too just pm me! if ya got aim or msn

A Life That Isn't Mine A Life That Isn't Mine

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Reminds me of

Star trek, that backround synth thing. Pretty cool sounds in there!!! Your low end is kinda lacking and it sounds flat in some parts...with some more work you could turn this into something pretty sweet :)

Sike991 responds:

Thanks For The Reveiw! And check out my other songs when you get the chance!

Bloodline Bloodline

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Instrumental

I'd keep it the way it is for a few reasons. It has the drive and integrity to stay intrumental, the song gets its point across without vocals. And secondly if its remastered without the vocals you'd have to master it again for vocals (If you still have the unmastered version that is) and the final reason to keep it intrumental is i love instrumentals :) Wicked programming man and the quality is top notch. You definatky know what your doing musically. Whats your project name?

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NuKeMOuT responds:

Thank you for the review! My current project name is Mekuna. Paragon is the first song I have written for that project and I am half way through on the second and third song for it. Bloodline actually came from an older project of mine called Humanity Nexus, which was more focused on soundtracks for games and what not.

-Dimensions- -Dimensions-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not a bad piece for a first song

You had some good elements in there like the guitar and drones, the only thing i woulda changed was the ending it seemed to just drop off, other than that good work

metallikid6 responds:

Well actually, this song was originally written as an outro. So I wanted to end the album with that huge echo. You should check out my other stuff. You might like what ya hear a lot more.

Pensive Pensive

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Killer kicks

I like the machine gun kicks in this, are these programmed or live? The song itself is a bit flat but well put together good job on this piece.

HarvestThrone responds:

It's all programmed from an old version of FL Studio. I'm a drummer myself, so I've very picky with my drum sound haha. Thanks again! :D

Chaos pt.2:Raining Tears Chaos pt.2:Raining Tears

Rated 4 / 5 stars

HArdcore meets techno

The drums sounds like alot of hardcore groups use (Poisen the well etc) mixed with crazy synth work, if you used real guitars in this man...i'd have no words for it. Your progression is pretty though. You seem to stray from the typical song progression and use more rock structuring...then at 3:40 you do something strange. It sounds like you break out in a VNV nation breakdown hahah weird..i dunno what to think of that,,,hmmm i dunno anyways awesome work

HarvestThrone responds:

Thanks lol. Yeah I'm actually setting up a collab with 2 people for actual drum and guitar recordings for this and Chaos pt 1. Should turn out well. Yeah I like to stray from typical anything. Something to give my music a unique feel, or as unique as it can be anyway. Odd that you would put VNV Nation in this lol. That's cool though. I'm glad one of the greatest industrial writers of all time is heard in my music :D And, I just realized that there are actual techno-core groups out there. Enter Shikari, etc. The breakdown you're talking about is actually from a prog/death metal band I was supposed to play keys for back in Florida. I changed the background progression a bit though, and I don't even know if they still play it. They're called The Hundred Handed if you want to check them out.

Chaos pt.1: Sea of Destruction Chaos pt.1: Sea of Destruction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cool track

I liked the fact you made the drums sound like live drums with your patterns, it didn't have the typical 4x4 kick or similar pattern, good job on creativeity and programming on this piece, you need to get your hands on better VST's myfreind. Some sounds i didn't like but the programing was good. Not a big fan of the SLAYER guitar ahhaha,.

HarvestThrone responds:

That's not even the slayer lol. It's a sytrus one, which is slightly better but the tone still pisses me off. I remastered this one recently actually, though there's still a little editing to be done. This was long before I discovered how to mix and master and before I even started diving into the industrial genre. I'm glad you liked it though lol.

Bloodpool Bloodpool

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Had a rough start teh beginning but it takes off very nicely, good key skillz going on in here, to tell you the truth i can't even write synthlines this good. hahahah. Good job on this piece man i have no complaints besides the intro

HarvestThrone responds:

Thanks lol. Yeah most of it is just fucking around with notes, then I go through trail and error with which synths to use, then I see if I can edit the synth to fit the sound I want better. I have no idea how I got the trance synth to sound like that in the intro. I've tried going back to it and adding the same effects the same way I did before, and it's not turning the same so oh well I guess. I'm actually working on rewriting this one.

Fixation Fixation

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool loop

Though it doesn't work to well as a loops, it would be good in a song though, somthing trancey :). It takes kinda long to hit its peak but then it just STOPS waaayyy to soon, shoulda kept it going a bit longer

HarvestThrone responds:

Yeah I know lol. It was just a melody I had to get out of my head so I could finish working on the song I was doing at the time. I think it was Hollow actually.